About Paul Fetsko

Paul Fetsko is a life-long educator, serving the Escambia County School System for almost 40 years, most recently as District 2 School Board Member. Paul's career culminated as Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum & Instruction for 12 years, with proven success increasing student achievement across the board. The experience and expertise brought to his first term as School Board Member proves he is the right candidate for the job.

Paul is a fiscal conservative and believes in local control over schools and curriculum.

Paul's wife, Kathy, is also an educator and together they have enjoyed almost 45 years of marriage and raised 3 sons in Escambia County Schools.

As Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum & Instruction, Paul developed a mission statement in 2008 for the division that was - and still is -

"To create a school district where:

  • Students want to attend school
  • Parents want to send their children
  • Teachers and support staff want to work
  • Community members are proud of their schools"

Together, we can achieve all of these goals!

Proven leadership in education is more important than ever.

Vote to Re-elect Paul Fetsko for School Board District 2, the proven leader our children deserve.
Our children deserve an educator, not another politician. See why Paul Fetsko is still the candidate our children deserve.
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Paul’s Priorities

School Safety

The safety and security of our students and staff continues to be a critical concern. Paul advocates to constantly update, develop, and expand all the necessary state-of-the-art tools available to maintain the safety at our sites.

Student Achievement

Academic achievement is at the very core of why our schools exist. Success involves and requires that educators, parents, staff, and community work as a united group to benefit students. Paul is committed to finding solutions to our achievement challenges.

High Quality Staff

Highly trained and effective teachers are vital to student success. We must be competitive in recruiting and retaining an exemplary staff and assure that the most needy students are assigned to the most skilled and effective teachers to reach the highest potential of both.
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I have known Paul Fetsko for over thirty years and know him to be a man of high moral character and integrity. He has served our schools in several capacities, and is well acquainted with today’s challenges. In his eyes, it’s ALL about the students. It is my distinct honor to endorse him once again for the school board position.

Gerald Boone

Gerald Boone

School Board Member, District 2, Retired

Paul has been a colleague and friend for over 35 years. He is a dedicated and experienced educator who possesses the knowledge, character, and leadership to continue our path toward excellence.

Malcolm Thomas

Malcolm Thomas

ECSD Superintendent of Schools, Retired

Paul Fetsko has my whole-hearted support and endorsement for his candidacy to serve as District 2 School Board Member. Paul has very broad educational experience along with deep roots within our community. Paul’s experience, dedication, and devotion to education is exactly what we need on the school board. Please join me in supporting Paul Fetsko for a second term on the School Board of Escambia County.

Kevin Adams

Kevin Adams

District 1 School Board Member

After speaking to teachers, parents and the candidate himself on the issues facing schools in District 2, I’m happy to support Mr. Paul Fetsko! I beg of the parents I know in District 2 to do your homework before you vote! Do what I did – talk to teachers and research these candidates. Don’t play politics with education!

Vicki Haynes Campbell

Vicki Haynes Campbell

ECUA District 1 Board Member
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Proven leadership in education is more important than ever.

Vote to Re-elect Paul Fetsko for School Board District 2,
the proven leader our children deserve.